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Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore (Sep 2010 – Dec 2013)

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering)


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These are the projects done by me in reverse chronological order.

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I am working on secret project currently. Will reveal it as soon as complete. Thank you!

2014: OkCupid Hacking

Ever wondered if data gathering and analytics can land you a date? Discover how I gamed the matching algorithms to do the same. Read More...

2014: Mobile Microscope

A cheap laser pointer lens turned into a microscope attachment for mobile. Read More...

2014: ZenGlove

ZenGlove is a wireless sensor glove which can model a human hand digitally. It can be used to interact with the digital world as if you were in it. Read More...

2013: Vision Based Drone Navigation

Watch the AR. Drone follow the Tag as it is moved in an arbitrary fashion. This project was done as a part of my Final Year Project in NTU. Read More...

2012: Micromouse Competition

Watch the micromouse travel the S curve and explore the maze. This project was done as a part of my Design and Development Project in NTU. Read More...

2012: Hand-Held Disease Analyzer

A hand-held disease analyzer which can detect Prostate Cancer (PSA) and other diseases. This project was done as a part of my internship in A*STAR I2R. Read More...

2012: Microcontroller Project

An interactive embedded system wired and programmed to control motor and play game. This project was done as a part of Microcontroller Programming course in NTU. Read More...

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